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SUPER:Premier Experience Events   |Chicago, IL
July 2014
Open on Marriott Rewards Card.
SUPER:Lifetime Bucket List:
Check out a Baseball Game from the
Best Seat in Chicago

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A wide shot of Wrigley Field packed with fans. A man enjoys a hot dog as he watches players warm-up.
MARLON:When this opportunity presented itself, as a baseball fan, but also knowing that my dad and I are always looking for something fun…
We meet Marlon and his father, Bob.
SUPER:Marlon L.
MARLON:to do together, and this is an opportunity really hang out and be together.
Sweeping shot of Wrigley Field.
MARLON (VO):At the end the day, honestly, the score doesn't matter to us. But it's the whole experience that we’ve had this entire day.
A vendor hands freshly scooped gelato to a fan. Various shots of people in the stands watching the game.
JESSICA (VO):And doing it up here, on the rooftop, I mean this is an experience that’s unique to Chicago.
We meet Jessica and her boyfriend.
JESSICA:So it’s something we wanted to scratch off that bucket list.
SUPER:Jessica F.
More sweeping shots of the historic baseball field. Two cardmembers talk to each other in the stands.
MICHAEL (VO):Being able to move around, mingle sit in different seats, different places and just visit with other fans…
We meet Michael.
MICHAEL: who enjoy baseball as much as you do, it’s… it’s nice.
SUPER:Michael T.
A cardmember looks onto the field as he takes a sip of his beer. A shot of a busy walkway.
BOB (VO):You go to a baseball game and you’re one of fifty or sixty thousand people…
A crowd of fans lining up to enter the stadium.
BOB (VO):seeing the same thing from the same perspective, doing the same thing.
Back to Bob and Marlon.
BOB:waiting for the peanut guy to come by or the beer guy.
Bob takes a sip of a beer. Two cardmembers talking as they watch the game.
BOB (VO):But to come here and see how this complements the experience and the stadium, it’s just a priceless experience.
Bob and Marlon again.
BOB:I've been to several hundred baseball games in my life. This is the best.
One last sweeping shot of Wrigley Field.
[Crowd sings “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”]
Fade to black.
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